The Positive Outcome of Philosophy by Joseph Dietzgen. International Library of Social Science. Charles H Kerr Publishers, Chicago. 1906.

Two massive collections of the singular philosophical works by the self-educated Marxist epistemologist Joseph Deitzgen were published by Charles H. Kerr in 1906. ‘Philosophical Essays’ and this tome, which includes two complete works; ‘Positive Outcome of Philosophy’ from 1887 and ‘The Nature of Human Brain Work’ from 1869, along with ‘Letters on Logic’ from the 1870s. Introduced by Anton Pannekoek, these were translated from German by Capital’s translator Ernest Untermann, and edited by Dietzgen’s son Eugene. Both collections are deserving of being on every revolutionary’s bookshelf.

The Positive Outcome of Philosophy by Joseph Ditezgen. International Library of Social Science. Charles H Kerr Publishers, Chicago. 1906.

Contents: Introduction by Anton Pannekoek, PART ONE) The Nature of Human Brain Work (1869), Preface, Introduction, Pure Reason or the Faculty of Thought in General, The Nature of Things, The Practice of Reason in Physical Science, Cause and Effect, Matter and Mind, Force and Matter, “Practical Reason” or Morality, The Wise and Reasonable, Morality and Right, The Holy, PART TWO) Letters on Logic I-XXIV (1870s), PART THREE) The Positive Outcome of Philosophy (1887), Preface, Positive Knowledge as a Special Object, The Power of Perception Is Kin to the Universe, As to How the Intellect Is Limited and Unlimited, The Universality of Nature, The Understanding as a Part of the Human, Consciousness Is Endowed With the Faculty of Knowing as Well as With the Feeling of the Universality of All Nature, The Relationship or Identity of Spirit and Nature, Understanding Is Material, The Four Principles of Logic, The Function of Understanding on the Religious Field, The Distinction Between Cause and Effect Is only One of the Means to Facilitate Understanding, Mind and Matter: Which Primary Which Secondary?, The Extent to Which the Doubts of the Possibility of Clear and Accurate Understanding Have Been Overcome, Continuation of the Discussion on the Difference Between Doubtful and Evident Understanding, Conclusion. 440 pages

The Charles H Kerr publishing house was responsible for some of the earliest translations and editions of Marx, Engels, and other leaders of the socialist movement in the United States. Publisher of the Socialist Party aligned International Socialist Review, the Charles H Kerr Co. was an exponent of the Party’s left wing and the most important left publisher of the pre-Communist US workers movement. It remains a left wing publisher today.

PDF of original book:

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