Labor Defender. Vol. 5 No. 10. October, 1930.

Labor Defender. Vol. 5 No. 10. October, 1930.

Contents: The 1930 Election by J Louis Engdahl, Lynching and Paychecks by Myra Page, The Southern Worker, A Letter From Frank Spector, Today’s Rulers of America by Robert W Dunn, Red Labor in World Congress pictorial, The Latin American Revolts by Albert Moreau, The Foreign-Born Fightback by Gene Hally, Murder in Avella by Sender Garlin, Indian on the Path of Revolution pictorial, Centrallia, IWW Misleaders by Charlotte Todes, Fascist Terror Reigns in Finland by Hjmlar Sankari, Vote Communist statement, Letters from Prison, Financial Statement.

Labor Defender was published monthly from 1926 until 1937 by the International Labor Defense (ILD), a Workers Party of America, and later Communist Party-led, non-partisan defense organization founded by James Cannon and William Haywood while in Moscow, 1925 to support prisoners of the class war, victims of racism and imperialism, and the struggle against fascism. It included, poetry, letters from prisoners, and was heavily illustrated with photos, images, and cartoons. Labor Defender was the central organ of the Scottsboro and Sacco and Vanzetti defense campaigns. Editors included T. J. O’ Flaherty, Max Shactman, Karl Reeve, J. Louis Engdahl, William L. Patterson, Sasha Small, and Sender Garlin.

PDF of full issue:

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