Young Spartacus. Vol. 3 No. 5. October, 1934.

Young Spartacus. Vol. 3 No. 5. October, 1934.

Contents: Youth Rebel Against Poverty Bravely Face Bullets in Textile Strike Battles, Franz Bobzien Murdered by Nazis, Cops Help Fascists, Help Sustain “Spartacus”, On Anti-Militarism by Karl Liebknecht, Anti-Fascism In the Schools, Spartacus Youth League Activities, Strike Wave Shows the Need For a Left Wing, Jobless and Strikers Co-operate, With the World Militant Youth Movement, Italian Intellectuals Under Fascism, The Lessons of the Spanish Revolt, War a poem by Hendrik Ibsen, Y.C.L. Offers Fake Reasons for Rejecting United Front, New Workers Party to be Formed, Spanish Workers Fight Reaction, United Front Forged Against Black Shirts.

Young Spartacus was first published by the National Youth Committee, Communist League of America (Opposition), in New York City. A semi-monthly from 1931 until the end of 1935. The Spartacus Youth Clubs and then the Spartacus Youth League would be organized and publish Young Spartacus before the movement entered the Socialist Party and Young People’s Socialist League in 1936’s ‘French Turn.” For must of its run, as with its parent organization, Young Spartacus was aimed at supporters and the milieu of the Communist Party and the Young Communist League of which it viewed itself as an opposition. Editors included Manny Garrett, Martin Abern, Max Shactman, Joseph Carter, and George Ray.

PDF of full issue:

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