The Party Organizer (Communist Party Internal Bulletin). Vol. 2 Nos. 1-2. January-February, 1928.

The Party Organizer (Communist Party Internal Bulletin). Vol. 2 Nos. 1-2. January-February, 1928.

Contents: Central Committee to Hold Full Meeting, New Membership Card, The Work Before Us by Jay Lovestone, Lenin and Ruthenberg Memorial Membership and Daily Worker Drive by the Central Executive Committee, New National Training Course by the Agitprop Department, Our Party as the Creator of Mass Movements by H, Puro, Some Party Problems of the West by Hugo Oehler, How We Must Activize Our Party by Max Bedacht, From a Field Organizer by Pat Devine, District 10 (CO, KS, UT, NE, WY) Questionnaire, How Our Section Membership Committee Works by S. Bourgin.

The Party Organizer was the internal bulletin of the Communist Party published by its Central Committee beginning in 1927. First published irregularly, than bi-monthly, and then monthly, the Organizer was primarily meant for the Party’s unit, district, and shop organizers. The Organizer offers a much different view of the CP than the Daily Worker, including a much higher proportion of women writers than almost any other CP publication. Its pages are often full of the mundane problems of Party organizing, complaints about resources, debates over policy and personalities, as well as official numbers and information on Party campaigns, locals, organizations, and periodicals making the Party Organizer an important resource for the study and understanding of the Party in its most important years.

PDF of issue (large file, contains multiple volumes):

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