Labor Unity. Vol. 2 No. 6. July, 1928.

Labor Unity. Vol. 2 No. 6. July, 1928.

Contents: Miners Form a New Union by Thomas Myerscough, Henry Corbishly Gives and Interview by Gerry Allard, The Marine Transport Industry by George Mink, Railroad Progressives Move Forward by HE Kaye, The IAM and the Unorganized by A Machinist, New Evidence in the Mooney Case by TJ O’Flaherty, The Present Situation in New Bedford by Albert Weisbord, Textile News, Labor Must Not Let the Heroic Coal Miners be Starved Out by Barbara Rand, One Law for the Rich by Henry George Weiss, The Problems Facing Working Class Women Today by Olga Gold, The 4th Congress of the Red International by Jack Johnstone, Red International Program, Betrayal of British Metal Workers by Val Hannington, Events, International Labor Notes, Editorials,

Labor Unity was the monthly journal of the Trade Union Educational League (TUEL), which sought to radically transform existing unions, and from 1929, the Trade Union Unity League which sought to challenge them with new “red unions.” The Leagues were industrial union organizations of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) and the American affiliate to the Red International of Labor Unions. The TUUL was wound up with the Third Period and the beginning of the Popular Front era in 1935.

PDF of full issue:

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