Soviet Russia (New York). Vol. 4 No. 19. May 7, 1921.

Includes Lenin’s speeches at the 10th Party Congress from March, 1921. Online text linked below.

Soviet Russia (New York). Vol. 4 No. 19. May 7, 1921.

Contents: Russian Academy of Science by Sergey Oldenburg, The Intellectual in Russia Today by M. Olgin, Propaganda for Production Among the Workers, Proclamation To The Peasants, The Dark People (Poem) by Bernard Sexton, Soviet Russia in the Near East, Mail To Russia, Editorials, 1920: A Calendar of Happenings Important to Soviet Russia, Lenin’s Address To the Communist Party, Communist Party Membership.

Soviet Russia began in the summer of 1919, published by the Bureau of Information of Soviet Russia and replaced The Weekly Bulletin of the Bureau of Information of Soviet Russia. In lieu of an Embassy the Russian Soviet Government Bureau was the official voice of the Soviets in the US. Soviet Russia was published as the official organ of the RSGB until February 1922 when Soviet Russia became to the official organ of The Friends of Soviet Russia, becoming Soviet Russia Pictorial in 1923. There is no better US-published source for information on the Soviet state at this time, and includes official statements, articles by prominent Bolsheviks, data on the Soviet economy, weekly reports on the wars for survival the Soviets were engaged in, as well as efforts to in the US to lift the blockade and begin trade with the emerging Soviet Union.

PDF of full issue:

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