Wobbly News of the Week for February 13, 1913 from Industrial Worker. Vol. 4 No. 47.

Seattle’s Washington Hall.
Wobbly News of the Week for February 13, 1913 from Industrial Worker. Vol. 4 No. 47.

BIG BALL IN SEATTLE FEBRUARY 23. On Sunday. February 23, at 8 p.m., in Washington Hall, corner 14th and Fir streets. Seattle, Wash., the Union of Russian Workingmen and the I.W.W. will jointly give a concert and ball for the benefit of the revolutionary papers, Colos Truda and the “Industrial Worker.” The Russian String Orchestra and chorus will be there in full force and a good orchestra for dancing will also be provided. The price of admission is 25 cents. All are welcome. Colonel Blethen of the Seattle Times will not be present. It will be a good place for decent workers to go for an enjoyable time. Take the Yesler Way car. Help to support the revolutionary press.

NINETEEN I.W.W. MEN JAILED IN DENVER. Nineteen fellow workers are in tall In Denver, Col., for the crime of having spoken on the streets of that city at high noon on February 7. The weather has been so bad that night meetings were Impossible and the local had to call noon day meetings in order to reach the garment workers while they were taking their lunch. The arrests occurred at Seventeenth and Market streets. The police ordered the speakers to stop, but met with a refusal. Eight men were arrested, one after another. The next day eleven more were taken to jail. The men received heavy fines and are refusing to pay. It is the intention of the police to stop all workers from speaking on the streets of Denver. The Denver Press and other papers are out with a statement of the actions at San Diego and by inference state that similar measures should be used in Denver. Local 26, I W.W., sends out a call for men to help them win the fight. They also want funds to take care of the men as they arrive. Send all remittances to Peter Murray, Secretary No. 26. I.W.W. 1850 Arapahoe street. Denver, Col.

Grabow prisoners.

RELIEF NEEDED FOR MRS. FERRO. Joe Ferro received a gunshot wound, in the Grabow riot that was framed up by the Southern Lumber Operators Association, and later died in the jail at Lake Charles, La. His widow, Mrs. Mary Ferro Is In destitute circumstances. The Southern District of the N.I.U. of Forest and Lumber Workers is under a heavy expense and therefore cannot do much to aid Mrs. Ferro. Fellow Worker C.L. Filigno, who is now organizing in the Southern District, suggests that small amounts be given toward the relief of Mrs. Ferro, by the local unions. Let every local union take at least a small collection occasionally and forward same to General Headquarters so it may be sent to the widow of our martyred fellow worker.

Local 194, I.W.W., Seattle, Wash., gave its second ball on February 9, in Minuet Hall. The local has elected A. S. Glasman as organizer and the tailors are rapidly lining up with the union. Leon Glazier was elected chairman to succeed Glasman. Ernest A. Meader is still the secretary.

NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS NEEDED. All contributions for the Spanish Press Fund in the future will be received by W. B. Cook, Sec’y-Treas. of the Central Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Locals, Box 265, Station C. This change became necessary owing to the fact that fellow worker Velarde is out of the city the greater part of his time. Come on, fellow workers, and get busy! We need $220.00 on that fund, and wo need it NOW. The committee, fellow workers Sautter, Clark, Cook, Ojeda, Cabesute and Velarde.

Headquarters have been opened by Local Union No. 248, Everett, Wash., In Room 18, Stone & Fisher Bldg. Lee Helper is secretary. A good local Is under way and all rebels are invited to spend their spare time In the I.W.W. hall.

MICHAEL KELLY KILLED NEAR APPLEGATE, CAL. On January 31, Fellow Worker Michael Kelly, member of Local 46, Bakersfield, Cal., was struck upon the side of his head by a piece of falling rock from a blast nearly one-fourth of a mile away. He died within 48 hours. The accident occurred near Applegate, Cal. In the death of Fellow Worker Kelly the I.W.W. loses an enthusiastic job agitator, one who always did all he could toward the upbuilding of the organization. Kelly is said to have a sister in Philadelphia. Any one having Information of any of the relatives of the deceased will please communicate with Fred Tiffany, Box 241, Bakersfield, Cal.

PICKETS BUSY AT FRESNO. Fresno, Cal. Feb. 5, 1913. The thugs are being held at bay by our picket line. We are holding meetings as near the job as the weather will permit. Scabs are turning back, and when the weather is better we will move nearer the job until we are running the works. Stone and Webster, Beware! The Industrial Workers of the World are closing in on you and when they put their arms around you, they will give you an awful squeezing. Keep your eye on Fresno Local No. 66. WAR COMMITTEE.

Mosby surrendering on June 11, 1911.

JACK MOSBY ESCAPES FROM MILITARY PRISON. A United Press Dispatch from Bremerton, Wash., January 28, gives the information that the ever-rebellious Colonel Jack Mosby has escaped from military prison. Here it the dispatch: “Jack Ryan Mosby, general In the Mexican rebel army which held Tia Juana and other towns In Lower California for a time, has escaped from the guard house at the navy yard here and is being sought for today by federal authorities. “Mosby was awaiting trial on the charge of being a deserter, he having admitted, when face to face with the fate of being returned to the Mexican authorities for execution at a rebel, that he was a deserter from the navy, having left his ship at a Mexican port.” Jack has thousands of friends on the Pacific Coast and it is not thought that his capture will be an easy matter.

Local 84, I.W.W., St. Louis, Mo., has opened headquarters and free reading room at 511 Pine street, room 11. Mail should be addressed to Al Hendricks, Secretary, instead of to Wm. Young as before.

TAFT ORGANIZES I.W.W. LOCAL. Taft has organized n new local with 42 members as a starter. Not Taft, the fat office boy of the Plutocracy, who runs errands for Wall street, but Taft, Cal., In the oil fields. The workers met In the Kangaroo court room to hear an address by GEB member Frank Little. Following the talk the affairs w turned over to a temporary organization and for more than an hour Fellow Worker C.L. Lambert and the new secretary. V.H. Van Boykin were busy writing out membership books An organization committee was formed and plans laid for a vigorous campaign. A good stock of literature was ordered and the new local started off with an order of 50 copies of the “Industrial Worker” and the same of Solidarity. Some slight trouble is expected in securing a suitable hall for headquarters. The new local is Oil Workers’ Industrial Union No. 452. Secretary V.B. Van Boykin. general delivery, Taft. Cal., Is the present address. Oil Workers’ Union No. 452 of Fellows, Cal., is doing well. It has 25 members, all of whom are working. The local started on December 19 and it will be able to work together with the newer local in organizing the oil fields.

The Industrial Union Bulletin, and the Industrial Worker were newspapers published by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1907 until 1913. First printed in Joliet, Illinois, IUB incorporated The Voice of Labor, the newspaper of the American Labor Union which had joined the IWW, and another IWW affiliate, International Metal Worker.The Trautmann-DeLeon faction issued its weekly from March 1907. Soon after, De Leon would be expelled and Trautmann would continue IUB until March 1909. It was edited by A. S. Edwards. 1909, production moved to Spokane, Washington and became The Industrial Worker, “the voice of revolutionary industrial unionism.”

PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/industrialworker/iw/v4n47-w203-feb-13-1913-IW.pdf

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