Labor Age. Vol. 20 No. 7. July, 1931.

Standouts in this issue include reports from the rebellious miners of West Virginia and Pennsylvania including a report on Frank Keeney’s independent organizing drive, A.J. Muste giving his perspective on the C.P.L.A.’s changing relationship with unions, and several contribution looking at the right-ward drift of the Socialist Party.

Labor Age. Vol. 20 No. 7. July, 1931.

CONTENTS: Editorials: The Conspiracy of Silence on Unemployment, Planless Plans, Hoover Woll et al, Abuses in Unions Come to Surface, Smash Injunctions by Defiance, The Strange Case of ‘Comrade’ Hillquit, Life-or-Death Struggle Looms in West Virginia by Katherine H. Pollak, The C.P.L.A. Policy in Unions by A.J. Muste, Rebellion Flames Through Coal Fields of West Pennsylvania by Arthur McDowell, The Socialist Party – Working-Class or Middle-Class? by Leonard Bright, Hosiery Workers Battle in Philadelphia by Eddie Ryan, U.S.S.R.’s Sowinc Campaign by Frank L. Palmer, The Firing Line Extends, Recent Developments in Miners Situation From Miner Correspondents, Pocketbook Workers Fight by a Pocketbook Worker, Scottsboro and Its Implications, Flashes From the Labor World by Frank L. Palmer, In Other Lands by Patrick Quinlan, Book Reviews: Kautsky at the Crossroads.

Labor Age was a left-labor monthly magazine with origins in Socialist Review, journal of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Published by the Labor Publication Society from 1921-1933 aligned with the League for Industrial Democracy of left-wing trade unionists across industries. During 1929-33 the magazine was affiliated with the Conference for Progressive Labor Action (CPLA) led by A. J. Muste. James Maurer, Harry W. Laidler, and Louis Budenz were also writers. The orientation of the magazine was industrial unionism, planning, nationalization, and was illustrated with photos and cartoons. With its stress on worker education, social unionism and rank and file activism, it is one of the essential journals of the radical US labor socialist movement of its time.

PDF of full issue:

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