The Class Struggle, Vol. 1 No. 4. November-December, 1917.

A heavy-weight Class Struggle, the last before the October Revolution, with ‘Political Parties in Russia’ by Lenin, Kautksy’s ‘The Russian Revolution,; ‘Imperialism and the New Middleclas’ by S.J. Rutgers, and Trotsky’s ‘Pacifism in the Service of Imperialism’ are linked to online texts below. Also of note are the contributions by Louis Boudin, Ludwig Lore and Louis Fraina on the I.W.W. trial. Could be a collectors edition.

The Class Struggle, Vol. 1 No. 4. November-December, 1917.

Contents: The I.W.W. Trial by L. C. Fraina, Pacifism in the Service of Imperialism by Leon Trotzky, The Passing of the Nation by L.B. Boudin, The Russian Revolution by Karl Kautsky, Our Obedient Congress by Ludwig Lore, Political Parties in Russia by N. Lenine, Imperialism and the New Middle Class by S.J. Rutgers, The Case of Fraina by Edward Dryden, Stockholm by Lionel Petersen, The Tragedy of the Russian Revolution by LB Boudin, Reports of the Council of Deputies of the Workmen and Soldiers. Petrograd, the 13of April, 1917,” Current Affairs: The New York Mayoralty Campaign; Act, Not Withdraw; The Italian Debacle; The Neue Zeit, an Obituary; Making Haste Slowly; The Situation in Italy.

The Class Struggle is considered among the first pro-Bolshevik journal in the United States and began in the aftermath of Russia’s February Revolution. A bi-monthly published between May 1917 and November 1919 in New York City by the Socialist Publication Society, its original editors were Ludwig Lore, Louis B. Boudin, and Louis C. Fraina. The Class Struggle became the primary English-language theoretical periodical of the Socialist Party’s left wing and emerging Communist movement. Its last issue was published by the Communist Labor Party of America.

PDF of full issue:

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