One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 2 No. 12. December, 1920.

One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 2 No. 12. December, 1920.

Contents: Editorials, Socialists and Syndicalist in Italy by G. Cannata, Things That Count in the Proletarian Revolution by Jack Gaveel, Woman’s Struggle for Emancipation by Mabel Kanka, Children Sicken of Communism by M. Kaminiev, Efficiency in the Lumber Industry by Joe Brennan, The Future of the Marine Transport Industry by Tom Barker, Shop Organization in the Metal and Machinery Industry, Voice from the Scrap Heap by an Agricultural Slave, The Moscow Move for an Industrial International, The One Big Union of Canada by P.G. Anderson and C.G. Currie, The Possibilities of Unity, The Throw-Back by Canadian, Studies in Red by Card No. 247770, In Sunshine Land by Robert Dunbar, My Nearest Approach to Death by Quasimodo von Belvedere, The Referendum on the Third International, The Coming Industrial International by E.W. Latchem, Dawn of the Industrial Age by Covington Ami, General Strike in Roumania by J . Wagner, Appeal for Action from Hungary, The Mexican I.W.W., No I.W.W. Delegate at Moscow, The Foodstuff Workers by Mabel Kanka, The Future of the I.W.W. A statement from Butte, The Defense Situation by John Martin, General Headquarters’ Bulletin, Special Meeting of the General Executive Board.

One Big Union Monthly was a magazine published in Chicago by the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World from 1919 until 1938, with a break from February, 1921 until September, 1926 when Industrial Pioneer was produced. OBU was a large format, magazine publication with heavy use of images, cartoons and photos. OBU carried news, analysis, poetry, and art as well as I.W.W. local and national reports. OBU was also Mary E. Marcy’s writing platform after the suppression of International Socialist Review., she had joined the I.W.W. in 1918.

PDF of full issue:

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