Militarism by Karl Liebknect. B.W. Huebsch, New York. October, 1917.

‘In September, 1906, Dr. Karl Liebknecht, the author, delivered a lecture on Militarism at a conference of young people in Germany. The revised lecture was published in book form and the most important portions appear in the following pages.’ Online text here.

Militarism by Karl Liebknect. B. W. Huebsch, New York. October, 1917.

Contents: Introduction by A Personal Friend, The Nature and Significance of Militarism). On the essence and meaning of militarism, Origin and basis of social relations of power, Some items from the history of militarism, Capitalist Militarism) Preliminary remarks, “Militarism against the external enemy”, navalism and colonial militarism. Possibilities of war and disarmament, Proletariat and war, Characteristics of “militarism against the internal enemy” and its task, The constitution of the army in same foreign countries, Conclusions, Russia, Methods and Effects of Militarism) The immediate object, Military pedagogy, The education of the soldier, Bureaucratic and semi-military organization of the civil population, Other military Influences on the civil population, Militarism as Machiavellianism and as a political regulator, Particulars of Some of the Main Sins of Militarism) The ill-treatment of soldiers, or militarism as a penitent but incorrigible sinner, Two dilemmas, The cost of militarism, or La douloureuse, The army as a tool against the proletariat in the economic struggle, Preliminary remark, Soldiers as competitors of free labourers, The army and strike-breaking, The rule of the sword and rifle against strikes, Military societies and strikes, The army as a tool against the proletariat in the political struggle, Military societies in the political struggle, Militarism, a danger to peace, The difficulties of the proletarian revolution. 212 pages.

For a PDF of the book:

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