The New Review. Vol. 2 No. 11. November, 1914.

New Review’s editorial board would explode and split a few issues later on the questions of war raised here. The connection with Pannekoek on the part of some New Review members was a crucial relationship for U.S. comrades in making internationalist connections early in the war. His ‘The Downfall of the International’ linked to online text here. Also of interest this issue is the ongoing ‘debate’ between Floyd Dell and E. Belfort Bax on feminism. #TeamDell.

The New Review. Vol. 2 No. 11. November, 1914.

Contents: The Downfall of the International by Anton Pannekoek (Bremen), Freedom of Will and War by Professor Jacques Loeb, The War: Personal Impressions by Robert Rives La Monte, The War and Socialism by William J. Robinson, M.D., A Pro-German View by Robert H. Lowie, French Socialist Manifesto, French and Belgian Socialists to Germans, Two Book Reviews by Max Eastman, CORRESPONDENCE: Socialism and Feminism by Belfort Bax and Floyd Dell, Why a Socialist Party? by Walter Lippmann and William English Walling, A SOCIALIST DIGEST: Imperialism and Social Democracy, The German Socialists, Position of the Italian Socialists, Swiss Against German Socialists, Maneuvers of a Peace Advocate, Futile Peace Talk.

New Review was a New York-based, explicitly Marxist, sometimes weekly/sometimes monthly theoretical journal begun in 1913 and was an important vehicle for left discussion in the period before World War One. In the world of the Socialist Party, it included Max Eastman, Floyd Dell, Herman Simpson, Louis Boudin, William English Walling, Moses Oppenheimer, Walter Lippmann, William Bohn, Frank Bohn, John Spargo, Austin Lewis, WEB DuBois, Maurice Blumlein, Anton Pannekoek, Elsie Clews Parsons, and Isaac Hourwich as editors and contributors. Louis Fraina played an increasing role from 1914 on, leading the journal in a leftward direction as New Review addressed many of the leading international questions facing Marxists. The journal folded in June, 1916 for financial reasons. Its issues are a formidable archive of pre-war US Marxist and Socialist discussion.

PDF of full issue:

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