The New International. Vol. 1 No. 4. November, 1934.

The editorial, several historic articles by Trotsky, Arne Swabeck report on the AFL convention, Christian Rakovsky’s ‘Power and the Russian Workers’, J.G. Wright on the C.P.’s shift on Black self-determination, L. Fersen and X on Spain, Karl Marx on Russia, Max Shachtman on the S.P.s conference, and Sergei Lorin’s letter to Bukharin are all linked to online texts below.

The New International. Vol. 1 No. 4. November, 1934.

Contents: The Russian Revolution 17 Years After, What Next in the Socialist Party by M.S., On the Eve of the Spanish Uprising by L. Fersen, The First Letter from Spain, by X., The AF of L at San Francisco by Arne Swabeck, Power and the Russian Workers by Christian Rakovsky, A Letter on Russia by Karl Marx, Stern Clouds Over Europe by Marko Shtip, Shifts in the Negro Question by J.G. Wright, Passports to Utopia by John Marshall, The Conflict in the OSP, What Schacht Is Heading Towards by Brn, The Bankruptcy of the Belgian Labor Bank, ARCHIVES OF THE OPPOSITION: The Opposition and the Wrangel Officer, The Appeal to the Party Members by Trotsky, Letter to Bukharin by Sergei Zorin, Letter on Max Eastman by Leon Trotsky, BOOKS: Declining America by Felix Morrow, Man’s Fatenby B. Spartack, Trade Union Unity in France.

The New International began as the theoretical organ of the Communist League of America, formed in 1928 by supporters of The International Left Opposition in the Communist Party. The CLA merged with the American Workers Party led by AJ Muste to form the Workers Party of the U.S. in Dec 1935 before intervening in the Socialist Party, at which time this magazine was suspended. After leaving the SP, the main Trotskyist forces formed the Socialist Workers Party in 1938 and resumed publication. In the split of 1940, the Bureaucratic Collectivist faction who no longer defended the Soviet Union, left the Party and held on to the magazine; the SWP then produced ‘The Fourth International’ as their organ of theory.

PDF of full issue:

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