‘Resolution on Anti-Semitism’ by the Socialist Party of America from Socialist World. Vol. 1 No. 6. December 15, 1920.

Anti-Jewish cartoon from Judge magazine in 1892.
‘Resolution on Anti-Semitism’ by the Socialist Party of America from Socialist World. Vol. 1 No. 6. December 15, 1920.

The exploiting class has found no better method for keeping the workers in subjection than by dividing them along religious, race and color lines. The stimulation of race hatred is the best and most effective means of keeping the workers suspicious and hostile towards each other. The deliberately stimulated race hatred against the Negroes in the South, the emphasizing of racial and religious differences in other sections of the country is, one of the means by which the industrial masters of America prevent the unity of the working people which is necessary before they can achieve their emancipation.

1881 Pogrom in Kiev.

For centuries the tyrants of Europe have ere created hatred and suspicion against the Jews by causing suspicions and false information to be spread broadcast, and have deliberately encouraged a vast anti-Semitic sentiment which has resulted in the murder of thousands of Jewish workers and the continued subjection of millions of non-Jewish workers kept in subjection by the belief that the Jew, rather than the capitalist system. is their enemy.

This is the explanation of the ghastly massacres and persecution of the Jews that is going on today in Poland, in the Ukraine, in Roumania and other parts of Europe. The government of the United States has been a partner in these crimes by reason of the aid that has been furnished the reactionary government of Poland, the Czarist adventurer, Wrangel, and others who have been the foremost agencies in this policy of Jewish persecution.

Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent, the largest anti-Jewish publications in English language history.

The liberal capitalist press of America often denounces this vicious policy and even drops a tear upon the graves of the murdered Jews. Nevertheless, they wholeheartedly support our own and foreign governments whose policies are the cause of these persecutions. The Jewish bankers and business men of the United States protest against the persecution of their co-religionists, but at the same time are warm adherents of that policy and that system which makes the massacres and persecutions inevitable.

The Socialist Party of the United States, through its National Executive Committee, denounce. And protests against the Jewish pogroms and massacres in Europe and demands that the government of the United States immediately cease giving material aid or moral support to the governments which have tolerated the elements which have instigated these wholesale murders of innocent and defenseless workers.

Destruction of the Ghetto of Kiev, by Abraham Manievich, 1919.

This policy, meaning just what it has meant in Europe, has now been imported into America. The systematic campaign of misrepresentation that is being waged, and the kindergarten story of the mythical Jewish plot to capture the world are part of a well financed campaign to sow suspicion and breed dissension between the Jew and the Gentile workers in order to take their minds from their own problems and direct them towards hatred of men and women of other blood.

The Socialist Party of the United States, through its National Executive Committee, denounces this campaign as one of this most sinister influences that can enter our National Life. We call upon the working class of America in their own interests to ignore this campaign of hatred and slander, to resist the attempt to divide them on racial or religious issues. We call upon them to unite with all their fellow workers of whatever race, creed or color, to the end that industrial oppression may be ended and the world be made free for men and women of all races and or all nations.

The Socialist World was published monthly and, after the tumult of 1917-1919 and the demise of Socialist Appeal (1914-1917), became the party’s more or less official voice in 1920. Published in Chicago as an official paper of the Socialist Party of America, and nominally edited by Eugene Debs for much of its run, it was Debs’ main outlet for articles. Otto Branstetter was the managing editor. It ceased publishing in August of 1926 to form American Appeal as a semi-official organ of the Socialist Party of America in the later 1920s.

PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/socialist-world/v01n06-dec-15-1920-Soc-World.pdf

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