The Toiler (New York). No. 194 October 29, 1921.

The Toiler (New York). No. 194 October 29, 1921.

Contents: Editorials, The Municipal Campaign, A New National Party, Women in Politics, Immediate Demands and Others by Alex Bittelman, Proletarian Dictatorship by Ben Gitlow, The Railroad Crisis by Clarissa Ware, Gitlow and Winitzky Letters From Prison, The Workers League Campaign by Israel Amter, Socialist Party or Workers Party? by Ludwig Lore, Our Prisoners, The World of Labor, With the Rank and File, R.I.L.U. Thesis on American Labor Movement and the Red International, Open Letter to Metal Workers, Manifesto and Platform of the Workers League, Friends of Soviet Russia,.

The Toiler was a significant regional, later national, newspaper of the early Communist movement published weekly between 1919 and 1921. It grew out of the Socialist Party’s ‘The Ohio Socialist’, leading paper of the Party’s left wing and northern Ohio’s militant IWW base and became the national voice of the forces that would become The Communist Labor Party. The Toiler was first published in Cleveland, Ohio, its volume number continuing on from The Ohio Socialist, in the fall of 1919 as the paper of the Communist Labor Party of Ohio. The Toiler moved to New York City in early 1920 and with its union focus served as the labor paper of the CLP and the legal Workers Party of America. Editors included Elmer Allison and James P Cannon. The original English language and/or US publication of key texts of the international revolutionary movement are prominent features of the Toiler. In January 1922, The Toiler merged with The Workers Council to form The Worker, becoming the Communist Party’s main paper continuing as The Daily Worker in January, 1924.

PDF of full issue:

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