Art Front. Vol. 3 No. 5. June-July, 1937.

Art Front. Vol. 3 No. 5. June-July, 1937.

Contents: Organization Notes, Correspondence, The Negro Artist and Racial Bias by James A. Porter, Prehistoric Rock Pictures by Charmion Von Weigand, Form and Content in Art by F.D. Klingender, Book Reviews by Kenneth Rexroth, Exhibitions – Harlem Artists’ Guild – Unemployed Artists’ Union – Art for Subways, Letters.

Art Front was published by the Artists Union in New York between November 1934 and December 1937. Its roots were with the Artists Committee of Action formed to defend Diego Rivera’s Man at the Crossroads mural soon to be destroyed by Nelson Rockefeller. Herman Baron, director of the American Contemporary Art gallery, was managing editor in collaboration with the Artists Union in a project largely politically aligned with the Communist Party USA.. An editorial committee of sixteen with eight from each group serving. Those from the Artists Committee of Action were Hugo Gellert, Stuart Davis, Zoltan Hecht, Lionel S. Reiss, Hilda Abel, Harold Baumbach, Abraham Harriton, Rosa Pringle and Jennings Tofel, while those from the Artists Union were Boris Gorelick, Katherine Gridley, Ethel Olenikov, Robert Jonas, Kruckman, Michael Loew, C. Mactarian and Max Spivak.

PDF of full issue:

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