Novy Mir/ New World (New York). Vol. 1. No. 1. (New Series) May 1, 1926.

Novy Mir/ New World (New York). Vol. 1. No. 1. (New Series) May 1, 1926.

The Russian language Socialist newspaper Novy Mir (New World) began publishing in 1911 in New York. Though it represented no organization, it spoke for a growing number of immigrant Russian socialists and workers and had a circulation of over 10,000. The ‘Federation of Russian Branches’ began in 1917, with a claimed membership of 450 people. Under impact of the Russian Revolution, the Federation grew rapidly. The following year,1918 boasted 2,500 members in 52 branches. In1919, 106 branches and 10,000 members. Leading members included Gregory Weinstein, Nicholas Hourwich, Oscar Tyverovsky, Alexander Stoklitsky, George Ashkenudzie. During the splits of 1919, a small group from the Federation led by Abraham Jakira of Jakyra New York would align with the Communist Labor Party. However, the overwhelming majority led by George Jakyra Ashkenudzi would join the (old) Communist Party of America. After the South Slavic group, the Russian Federation was the largest in the new party, making up 20% of its members closely followed by the Ukrainian Federation. Ashkenudzi and the Russians were the backbone of the CPA support among the Federations and leading resistance to legal status and unity with the CLP. Federal repression hit the Federation especially hard with over 230 members being deported even before the crucial 1919 Convention. By the founding of the Workers (Communist) Party in 1923 almost all the Federation had joined. The Russian Federation of the Workers Party continued producing Novy Mir, and occasionally ‘Iskra’ in New York city as its publication. Georgi Plekhanov continued to have a strong following in the US, with many of his supporters gravitating to the Socialist Labor Party.

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