Health and Hygiene Vol. 4 No. 2. August, 1936.

Health and Hygiene Vol. 4 No. 2. August, 1936.

Contents: Steel Unions for Life and Health, The Sal Hepatica Fizzle, Birth Control by Eric M. Mastner M.D., Sterility in Men, Alcohol Myths Distilled, Sunshine Use and Abuse, Workers Health vs. Steel Dividends, Consumer Briefs, Learn to Swim by Walter Shaw, What is a Nervous Breakdown?, Cosmetic Problems – Face Creams, Our Doctors Advice, Readers Questions Answered.

Health was the precursor to Health and Hygiene and the creation of Dr. Paul Luttinger. Only three issues were published before Health and Hygiene was published monthly under the direction of the Communist Party USA’s ‘Daily Worker Medical Advisory Board Panel’ in New York City between 1934 and 1939. An invaluable resource for those interested in the history history of medicine, occupational health and safety, advertising, socialized health, etc.

PDF of full issue:

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