The Militant. Vol. 5 No. 36. September 3, 1932.

Articles by Arne Swabeck, Hugo Oehler, Tom Stamm, and Leon Trotsky linked to online texts below.

The Militant. Vol. 5 No. 36. September 3, 1932.

Contents Include: With the Embattled Miners by Germinal, The Stalinists Bureaucrats Back Out, Fascists Waiting, Ready to Strike: Clara Zetkin Calls for International Solidarity Against Fascism, The Political Program of the Petty Bourgeoisie by Leon Trotsky, “Farmers Holiday” in Iowa – A New and Militant Type of Middle Class Revolt by Hugo Oehler, Strike in Lancashire Mills, Joe Colbert – Labor’s Martyr by Gerry Allard, The Left Opposition At Work, Unemployed Activity in Retrospect by T. Stamm, With the International Left Opposition, Some Experiences of the Illinois Miners’ Struggle and the Policy of the Communists! by Arne Swabeck, A Letter from China from C.H., The New York Marine Workers Revolt Against the Stalinist Bureaucrats by J. Johanssen, Leading Functionary Exposes Stalinism in Greece by J. Bambakas, Party Voices on the Frame-Up.

The Militant was a weekly newspaper begun by supporters of the International Left Opposition recently expelled from the Communist Party in 1928 and published in New York City. Led by James P Cannon, Max Schacthman, Martin Abern, and others, the new organization called itself the Communist League of America (Opposition) and saw itself as an outside faction of both the Communist Party and the Comintern. After 1933, the group dropped ‘Opposition’ and advocated a new party and International. When the CLA fused with AJ Muste’s American Workers Party in late 1934, the paper became the New Militant as the organ of the newly formed Workers Party of the United States.

PDF of full issue:

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