The Class Struggle. Vol. 3 No. 2. May, 1919.

Online texts of Nikolai Bukharin’s ‘Church and School in the Soviet Republic,’ Lenin’s Can the Exploited and the Exploiter Be Equals’ (a chapter from ‘The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky,’ and Franz Mehring’s ‘An Unusual Friendship’ on Marx and Engels are all linked below, though everything is of interest in this May, 1919 number of Class Struggle.

The Class Struggle. Vol. 3 No. 2. May, 1919.

Contents: The First of May 1919 by Ludwig Lore, Church and School in the Soviet Republic by N. Bukharin, What the Under-Class Answers to the Most Impressive Phrases of the Upper-Class by August Strindberg, The Truth About the Allied Intervention in Russia by Philips Price, Berne A Post-Mortem Conference by Ludwig Lore, Russian Tale by Maxim Gorky, Japan and China by Sen Katayama, Can the Exploited and the Exploiter Be Equals by Nikolai Lenin, Socialism and the League of Nations by Maurice Sugar, The Logic of Insanity by Charles Rappaport, An Unusual Friendship by Franz Mehring, Bankruptcy or Revolution by Andre A. Courland, Manifesto and Program of the “Left Wing” Section, Greater New York, Editorials, Documents.

The Class Struggle is considered among the first pro-Bolshevik journal in the United States and began in the aftermath of Russia’s February Revolution. A bi-monthly published between May 1917 and November 1919 in New York City by the Socialist Publication Society, its original editors were Ludwig Lore, Louis B. Boudin, and Louis C. Fraina. The Class Struggle became the primary English-language paper of the Socialist Party’s left wing and emerging Communist movement. Its last issue was published by the Communist Labor Party of America.

PDF of full pamphlet:

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