The Industrial Worker. Vol. 1 No. 7. July, 1906.

The Industrial Worker. Vol. 1 No. 7. July, 1906.

Contents: Duties of the Hour by Eugene V. Debs, Man as a Sausage Ingredient by W.J. McSweeney, Why the Red Label Should receive the Support of the Western federation of Miners, The General Movement, Correspondence, Editorials, Demand Their Liberation!, Economic Organization Supreme, Workers in the Stockyards, Defense Fund, A Letter to an Old Friend by A.M. McKinney, The Muddle and How to Mend It by William Goeller Jr.,

The Industrial Worker was the first official organ of the Industrial Workers of the World founded in July, 1905. Begun in January 1906, and issued monthly with a relatively small circulation, the paper was also victim to the first split in the I.W.W. when a caucus led by then General Secretary-Treasurer William E. Trautmann and Daniel D eLeon deposed Western Federation of Miners leader Charles Sherman at the 1906 Convention. Two rival I.W.W.s battled each other in court for the name and property of the group. The Sherman faction continued to produce this ‘Industrial Worker’ until lack of finances closed its pages in mid-1907. The Trautmann-DeLeon faction issued its weekly, the Industrial Union Bulletin, afrom March 1907. Soon after, De Leon would be expelled and Trautmann would continue IUB until March 1909.

PDF of full issue:

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