Social Struggles and Thought by Max Beer. Translated by H.J. Stennings. Small, Maynard, and Company Publishers, Boston. 1925.

The fourth volume in Max Beer’s wonderful ‘Social Struggles’ series.

Social Struggles and Thought by Max Beer. Translated by H.J. Stennings. Small, Maynard, and Company Publishers, Boston. 1925.

Contents: I) THE ECONOMIC REVOLUTION IN ENGLAND, Ascendancy of the Commercial and Trading Class, Mechanical Inventions and the Factory System, Smith Bentham and Ricardo, II) ENGLISH SOCIAL CRITICS DURING THE FIRST PHASE OF THE ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION, Robert Wallace: Communism and Over population, Spence and Land Reform, Godwin and Anarchist Communism, Charles Hall: Expounder of the Class Struggle, III) THE ATTEMPTED ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION IN FRANCE, From Tutelage to Freedom, The Physiocrats: Economic Freedom: Laissez faire, laissez Aller, IV) THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, The Classes and the Constitutional Conflict, The Revolutionary Dictatorship, The Constitution of 1793 and Social Criticism, Lange and Dolivier, V) THE CONSPIRACY OF BABEUF AND HIS COMRADES, Causes Objects, Filippo Buonarroti and the Revolutionary Dictatorship, The Upshot of the Conspiracy, VI) REACTION UPON GERMANY, Economic Revival and Political Oppression, Wieland and Heinse on Communism, Heretical Social and Religious Tendencies: Weishaupt (The Illuminati), Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, Fichte and his Social Policy, VII) THE FRANCE OF NAPOLEON AND THE RESTORATION, War Imperial Policy and Commercial Speculation, Charles Fourier, Saint- Simon, The Saint- Simonians, VIII) THE BEGINNINGS ENGLISH OF THE LABOUR MOVEMENT (1792–1824), The Influence of the French Revolution, The Luddites, Storm and Stress, Robert Owen, Combe Gray Thompson Morgan Bray, Individualistic Social Reformers, IX) ENGLAND’S FIRST SOCIAL REVOLUTIONARY MOVE MENT (1825—1855), 1st Stage: Alliance Between Working and Middle Classes for the Franchise (1825-1832), 2nd Stage: Anti-Parliamentarism and Syndicalism (1832—1835), 3rd Stage: Chartism (1836–1855), X) FRANCE (1830-1848), The Citizen Monarchy, The Class Division into Bourgeoisie and People, Secret Conspiracies and Revolts, August Blanqui, Socialists and Social Reformers: Pecqueur Proudhon Cabet Leroux Blanc, February Revolution of 1848, INDEX. 232 pages.

PDF of original book:

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