The Workers’ Council. Vol. 1 No. 9. November 15, 1921.

This penultimate issue includes statements from The Workers’ Council group as it has left the Socialist Party and is preparing to join the new Workers Party, an article on the Russian Revolution by Moissaye J. Olgin, Alexander Trachtenberg looks at the Italian situation, and J. Louis Engdahl writes on the Battle of Blair Mountain.

The Workers’ Council. Vol. 1 No. 9. November 15, 1921.

Contents: Famine Appeal for Soviet Russia, Editorials, The Fourth Anniversary of the Soviet Republic by M. Olgin, We Want an Open Communist Party: Statement, Socialism and Reformism in Italy by Alexander Trachtenberg, U.S. Socialism Up-to-Date by Benjamin Glassberg, The Big Drive for Unity, The War on the Coal Miners by J. Louis Engdahl, A Mighty Power.

The Worker’ Council purpose was to win the Socialist Party of America to the Third, Communist, International and later to win locals and individuals. Published (mostly) weekly by the International Education Association in New York City, Workers Council included important members of the SP, mainly from its Jewish Federation like. J. Louis Engdahl, Benjamin Glassberg, William Kruse, Moissaye J. Olgin, and J. B. Salutsky, editor of the radical Jewish weekly, Naye Welt. They constituted the Left Wing that remained in the Socialist Party after the splits of 1919 and were organized as The Committee for the Third International. Most would leave the SP after its1921 Convention, joining the Workers (Communist) Party after a short independent existence later that year.

PDF of full issue:

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