The Daily Worker Saturday Magazine Supplement. Vol. 3 No. 64. Saturday March 27, 1926.

The Daily Worker Saturday Magazine Supplement. Vol. 3 No. 64. Saturday March 27, 1926.

Contents: The AF of L as Our Neighbors See It, A Portrait by Michael Gold, In the Dungeon by Bonchi Freidman, Oh The Poor Passaic Reporters by Michael Gold, Letter to the Editorial Staff of Iskra (1903) by Lenin, Hands by Milford Flood, The Dawn of Tomorrow by Pauline Schulman, Lady Mosley Visits East Liverpool Ohio by Jimmy Clifford, Monotony by Esther Aron, The Botany Mills, The Negro and the Foreign Born by B Borisoff.

The Saturday Supplement, later changed to a Sunday Supplement, of the Daily Worker was a place for longer articles with debate, international focus, literature, and documents presented. The Daily Worker began in 1924 and was published in New York City by the Communist Party US and its predecessor organizations. Among the most long-lasting and important left publications in US history, it had a circulation of 35,000 at its peak. The Daily Worker came from The Ohio Socialist, published by the Left Wing-dominated Socialist Party of Ohio in Cleveland from 1917 to November 1919, when it became became The Toiler, paper of the Communist Labor Party. In December 1921 the above-ground Workers Party of America merged the Toiler with the paper Workers Council to found The Worker, which became The Daily Worker beginning January 13, 1924.

PDF of full issue:

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