The Socialist (Toledo, Ohio). Vol. 5 No. 250. July 8, 1905.

Rarely does a socialist paper have one good news headline, let alone two. Hermon Titus’ ‘The Socialist’ reports on the founding the I.W.W. in Chicago and the revolutionary wave roiling through Russia’s Empire that month, which included the mutiny on the Battleship Potemkin, uprisings in Lodz and Odessa, strikes and peasant revolts across the country.

The Socialist (Toledo, Ohio). Vol. 5 No. 250. July 8, 1905.

There have been a number of journals in our history names ‘The Socialist.; This Socialist was a printed and edited in Seattle, Washington (with sojourns in Caldwell, Idaho and Toledo, Ohio) by the radical medical doctor, former Baptist minister and socialist, Hermon Titus. The weekly paper began to support Eugene Debs 1900 Presidential run and continued until 1910. The paper became a fairly widely read organ of the national Socialist Party and while it was active, was a leading voice of the Party’s Left Wing. The paper was the source of many fights between the right and left of the Seattle Socialist Party. in 1909, the paper’s associates split with the SP to briefly form the Wage Workers Party in which future Communist Party leader William Z Foster was a central actor. That organization soon perished with many of its activists joining the vibrant Northwest IWW of the time.

PDF of full issue:

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