A site looking at the varied, rich, history of the US left through the original articles, books, essays, pamphlets, flyers, illustrations, ads, photos, announcements, and indexes of periodicals from our beginnings until entry into World War Two. Many come from the amazing resource that is the Marxist Internet Archive, others from the wonderful Libcom archive, with many various libraries, museums, digital projects, and archives. This is a personal project and learning experience meant to introduce and explore the immense resource that is the traditions of the US left for today’s activists. An online library, my own politics are hardly compatible with many of the posts and groups presented here, but every single one of them has something to learn from. I hope comrades approach the posts in that way. The articles contain a wealth surprises, of information, historical resources, lessons, long unseen photos, lost leaders, inspiration, warnings, art and literature, challenges to thinking, and a lot wonderful writing. email siegfr72@gmail.com