‘Chicago Young People’s Socialist League’ from International Socialist Review. Vol. 11 No. 5. November, 1910.

‘Chicago Young People’s Socialist League’ from International Socialist Review. Vol. 11 No. 5. November, 1910.

Nearly four years ago a group of young people, filled with the enthusiasm of the Socialist philosophy, got together in Chicago and decided that a young people’s organization was absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of the Socialist movement in Chicago. Hard work on the part of this small group has brought about great results. A neat hall and headquarters has been established in the same building with the Daily Socialist and the party national office. The league is out of debt and has planned some splendid free lectures to be given this winter. There will always be a free lecture at headquarters on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

But we see the necessity of establishing social centers for the young folks in every city in America. If the young folks will not attend dry business meetings, we can hand them together in social groups and teach them Socialism by means of lectures and discussions. The Young People’s Socialist League of Chicago (180 Washington Street) is ready and walling to assist comrades at any other point.

Drop us a line and get a copy of our bylaws and constitution and we will be pleased to give you any information possible. Merle B. Haver.

The International Socialist Review (ISR) was published monthly in Chicago from 1900 until 1918 by AM Simons and later Charles H. Kerr and loyal to the Socialist Party of America and is one of the essential publications in US left history. During the editorship of A.M. Simons it was largely theoretical and moderate. In 1908, Charles H. Kerr took over as editor with strong influence from Mary E Marcy. The magazine became the foremost proponent of the SP’s left wing growing to tens of thousands of subscribers. It remained revolutionary in outlook and anti-militarist during World War One. It liberally used photographs and images, with news, theory, arts and organizing in its pages. It was closed down in government repression in 1918.

PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/isr/v11n05-nov-1910-ISR-gog-Corn-OCR.pdf

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