‘Workers’ Sport’ from Young Worker. Vol. 2 No. 6. June, 1923.

‘Carl Liebknecht Branch Y. W. L. Chicago-Soccer Football Team.’
‘Workers’ Sport’ from Young Worker. Vol. 2 No. 6. June, 1923.

One of the questions which aroused a great deal of interest during the course of the convention of the Young Workers League was Sport Organizations in the League.

The report was delivered by Comrade Alfred Albright and it showed clearly how bourgeoise sport were used not only to draw the young workers away from the class war and deaden their senses to their economic interests, but to arouse in them a national patriotism by means of international ‘‘Olympic Meets.”

In almost every large department store, factory, or other large industrial enterprise, the employers have seen the advantage to them in aiding their slaves to organize teams of various sports. This aid is only given because the bosses know that young workers naturally crave for sport, and, utilizing this craving in order to keep the worker contented, they boost these teams as a sop for the otherwise miserable conditions of employment.

In order to counteract, in some measure, these “company sports” and the financially controlled professional sport organizations, the Young Workers League will endeavor to maintain and spread its own sport organizations. These organizations will not be only for enjoyment after working hours, but for the physical benefits of the workers who are becoming ever more involved in brutal conflicts with the bourgeoisie, and as a means of inculcating a class solidarity which is done by a mass movement of this sort.

To accomplish this, the Young Workers League has already formed a Sports Department under the head of a Sports Director, whose duty it shall be to coordinate the activities of the local Leagues.

The Karl Liebknicht branch Y.W.L. Chicago’s Soccer team is pictured above. From left to right beginning with the top row are:

John Martin, Publicity Agent; Julius Worazek, Right Outside; Chas. Sauser, Right Inside; Fred Weisman, Center; Frank Milming, Left Inside; Rudolph Sauser, Organizer; Mathias Kiefer, Right Half-Back; Joe Wagner, Center Half; Frank Amstadt. Left Half-back; Joe Zimmerman, Full-back; Joe Zerbes. Goalkeeper; Eugene Mikulas, Full-back.

The Young Worker was produced by the Young Workers League of America beginning in 1922. The name of the Workers Party youth league followed the name of the adult party, changing to the Young Workers (Communist) League when the Workers Party became the Workers (Communist) Party in 1926. The journal was published monthly in Chicago and continued until 1927. Editors included Oliver Carlson, Martin Abern, Max Schachtman, Nat Kaplan, and Harry Gannes.

For PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/youngworker/v2n6-jun-1923-yw.pdf

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