The Class Struggle. Vol. 1 No. 2. July-August, 1917.

A strong second number of ‘Class Struggle.’ Austin Lewis’ excellent ‘War and Public Opinion’ linked to online text here.

The Class Struggle. Vol. 1 No. 2. July-August, 1917.

Contents: To Make the World Safe for Democracy by Ludwig Lore, War and Public Opinion by Austin Lewis, Socialist Policy in Peace and War by L.B. Boudin, A War Legislature by Joseph A. Whitehorn, Political Majorities and Industrial Minorities by Eric Niel, Socialists and War Debate by Robert Rives La Monte and Louis C. Fraina, Philipp Scheidemann A Pen Picture, J’accuse! Friedrich Adler’s Address in Court, Current Affairs – Peace with Victory – Lost a Peace Demand – “Automobile Patriots” – Mr. Wilson and Child Labor – The War and American Unionism – The Russian Revolution and the War – On the Road to the New International – Friedrich Adler – The Socialist Party and Stockholm – Spargo & Co. – The Attitude of Lenin, Documents for Future Socialist History – Majority Resolution on War and Militarism – Minority Resolution on War and Militarism – Minority Report on War.

The Class Struggle is considered the first pro-Bolshevik journal in the United States and began in the aftermath of Russia’s February Revolution. A bi-monthly published between May 1917 and November 1919 in New York City by the Socialist Publication Society, its original editors were Ludwig Lore, Louis B. Boudin, and Louis C. Fraina. The Class Struggle became the primary English-language paper of the Socialist Party’s left wing and emerging Communist movement. Its aim was also to document the tremendous debates happening within the world Socialist movement and its pages are a veritable archive of important works. A major journal in the history of the US left. Its last issue was published by the Communist Labor Party of America.

PDF of full issue:

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