The Workers Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 6. April, 1926.

The Workers Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 6. April, 1926.

Contents: New Phenomena in the International Labor Movement by John Pepper, Forces and Currents in the Present Political Situation by Jay Lovestone, Lenin and the American Labor Movement by J Pendel, The Capitalist Offensive Against the Foreign Born Worker by J. L. Engdahl, Our Party’s Press and Literature by Lenin, Death or a Program by Robert Minor, What Is Workers’ Education by Bertram D Wolfe, The Work of the Organisation Conference by Martin Abern, The Youth Conference in East Ohio, Reviews.

The Workers Monthly began publishing in 1924 as a merger of the ‘Liberator’, the Trade Union Educational League magazine ‘Labor Herald’, and Friends of Soviet Russia’s monthly ‘Soviet Russia Pictorial’ as an explicitly Party publication. In 1927 Workers Monthly ceased and the Communist Party began publishing The Communist as its theoretical magazine. Editors included Earl Browder and Max Bedacht as the magazine continued the Liberator’s use of graphics and art.

PDF of full issue:

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