Soapbox (Student League for Industrial Democracy). Vol. 1 No. 2. May, 1935.

Soapbox (Student League for Industrial Democracy). Vol. 1 No. 2. May, 1935.

Contents: Editorials, Hearst -The Galahad of Capitalism by Allison Ackley, With Uncle Sam in the Woods by James Patterson, Do You Believe in Violent Revolution? by Maynard Krueger, The Liberal A Short Story by David S. Savler, Scientists – Act by Robert Dubin, The Truth about the Strike by Truman Kirkpatrick, An Open Letter to the Investigating Committee by The University of Chicago Socialist Club, Let’s Have Better Investigations by Georg Mann, Book Reviews.

University of Chicago Socialist Club was an affiliate of the Student League for Industrial Democracy. The League for Industrial Democracy (LID) was the successor to the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Founded in 1921 to provide ‘Education for a New Social Order Based on Production for Public Use and Not for Private Profit’ many of its activists were around the Socialist Party. In 1922 ‘Socialist Review’ developed into ‘Labor Age’ and Norman Thomas became director. Some of its leading members would go on to form the Conference for Progressive Labor Action in 1929 led by AJ Muste. The LID produced a number of important pamphlets and studies through their Labor Publication Society and throughout much of the 1930s served as the base for the ‘Militant’ faction of the SP.

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