Socialist Appeal. Vol. 2 No. 11. March 12, 1938.

Socialist Appeal. Vol. 2 No. 11. March 12, 1938.

Contents Include: Stalin Regime Desperate, Pacifist Rally to Dear Old Flag, SWP Anti-War Meet March 18, Socialist Party Ready to Liquidate Itself Into American Labor Party, Roosevelt Price Policy Shows Economic Drop by David Cowles, Old Socialist Views Convention of SWP by George M. Whiteside, Fighting Platform Unfolded by Geller, Handicapped Form New Trade Union, Akron Rubber Workers Ask Parley, Moscow Trial Special Supplement: The Trials, Democracy and Communism, Stalin Directs Blows At Revolution Itself; Trial Testimony Crumbles at First Touch by Max Shachtman, Trials Arouse Protests from Labor Abroad, Trotsky Reviews Elements of New Trial; Cites Efforts to Gag Him by Leon Trotsky, Soviet Union Notes by John G. Wright, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Marxist School.

There have been a number of periodicals named Socialist Appeal in our history, this Socialist Appeal was edited in New York City by the “Left Wing Branches of the Socialist Party”. After the Workers Party (International Left Opposition) entered the Socialist Party in 1936, the Trotskyists did not have an independent publication. However, Albert Goldman began publishing a monthly Socialist Appeal in Chicago in February 1935 before the bulk of Trotskyist entered the SP. When there, they began publishing Socialist Appeal in August 1937 as the weekly paper of the “Left Wing Branches of the Socialist Party” but in reality edited by Cannon and other leaders. Goldman’s Chicago Socialist Appeal would fold into the New York paper and this Socialist Appeal would replace New Militant as the main voice of Fourth Internationalist in the US. After the expulsion of the Trotskyists from the the Socialist Party, Socialist Appeal became the weekly organ of the newly constituted Socialist Workers Party in early 1938. Edited by James Cannon and Max Shachtman, Felix Morrow, and Albert Goldman. In 1941 Socialist Appeal became The Militant again.

Link to PDF of full issue:

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