St. Louis Labor. Vol. 4 No. 124. June 20, 1903.

In the 1903 German federal elections the Socialists polled more than 30%, receiving over 3 million votes. By far, the largest party in the country….but not in the Reichstag. There the Centre Party continued to rule.

St. Louis Labor. Vol. 4 No. 124. June 20, 1903.

A long-running socialist paper begun in 1901 as the Missouri Socialist published by the Labor Publishing Company, this was the paper of the Social Democratic Party of St. Louis and the region’s labor movement. The paper became St. Louis Labor, and the official record of the St. Louis Socialist Party, then simply Labor, running until 1925. The SP in St. Louis was particularly strong, with the socialist and working class radical tradition in the city dating to before the Civil War. The paper holds a wealth of information on the St Louis workers movement, particularly its German working class.

PDF of full issue:

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