The Proletarian. Vol. 3 No. 6. May, 1921.

The Proletarian. Vol. 3 No. 6. May, 1921.

Contents: Labor Awakens by John Keracher, Reply to Albert Bell United Communist Party by John Keracher, May Day by John Keracher, America’s Reply to Soviet Russia by Ern Reen, Another SP ’Left Wing’ Develops [Workers Council] by H.M. Wicks, Progress and Revolution by E.J.M., International Notes (Asia Minor, Georgia, England) by John Keracher, Critics of Communism by Murray Murphy, Mary Opens the Factories by V.M. Breitmayer, Marxist Economy: Wages by John Keracher, United Communist Party Minority Action.

The monthly organ of the Proletarian Party of America, The Proletarian originally served a left wing faction in the Socialist Party of Michigan led by John Keracher, and was printed in Detroit and Chicago from May, 1918 until July, 1931. The Proletarian Party then published Proletarian News, from 1932 until 1960. Part of the early Communist movement, the Proletarian University and the Proletarian refused to join with others in going underground after the Palmer Raids, though it eschewed electoral politics. The Proletarian Party attempted to gain admittance to the Third International to no avail. The Party eventually took over the left wing publishing house Charles H. Kerr & Co.

PDF of full issue:

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