Wobbly News of the Weeks from The Industrial Worker. Vol. 2 No. 23. August 27, 1910.

Wobbly News of the Weeks from The Industrial Worker. Vol. 2 No. 23. August 27, 1910.

ANOTHER VICTIM OP THE UNIFORMED THUGS. On the Road, August 11th, 1910. While strolling through the yards at Pendleton, Ore., I saw a fellow sitting on a pile. He had his left hand all bandaged up and hanging useless by his side, and the expression on his face was the most hopeless I ever saw. Seeing that he was one of my class I went up and asked him how it happened, and he told me a tale that made the blood boil in my veins. Like many others, he floated into Roseville Junction, Cal., a town noted for murders and bloodshed. He had few cents and did not have to beg, but the bull of that worthy town did not like the way he parted his hair, I guess, so he told him to make himself scarce around there. After bit a train pulled out and he tried to obey the orders, but that upholder of law and justice saw him and habitually took a shot at him His intentions were, of course, the very best, but being a poor shot he only succeeded in rushing the man’s hand. The poor fellow might starve to death though, so that bloodthirsty hyena may not get so badly disappointed after all Not being satisfied with disabling the man for life, he struck him several blows on the head and. face with a “sapper” (rubber hose with chunks of lead in the end). Then he threw him in the “tank” without any medical aid whatever, although the hand was bleeding badly. The next morning about 5 o’clock he got a couple of kicks for breakfast and told that if he dared to show his face around there again It would be the grave yard for him. He told me he could not sleep much because the hand was aching all the time and he wished he could get it cut off. because it was no good anyway. Now, fellow workers, how long are those hired murderers, whose chief delight it is to see human blood flowing in streams, going to slaughter and maim our class. There in only one way to stop it—only one remedy—to smite on the industrial field. Yours, JOE HILL, Portland Local, No. 92.

NEW YORK PICNIC. The New York I.W.W. No. 95. will hold a grand picnic- October 2nd, at which Fellow Worker A. M. Stirton, late editor of “Solidarity,” will speak. An effort will be made to make a “killing” on subs for the. WORKER and SOLIDARITY.

Walter T. Nef mugshot.

MORE FREE (?) SPEECH. Duluth, Minn., August 20, 1910. At last night’s street meeting, having an audience of about 75 men, I was just closing and introducing the Industrial Worker and making a little talk on the cartoon, when three policemen stepped up and took me to the station on a charge of obstruction. A fellow worker, Morris Chaplin, bailed me out at 11 o’clock last night. The case is continued until September 1, at 10 o’clock a.m. The employment sharks art the instigators of this affair, as the agitation against them and the rest of the parasitic class hurts, so they went to the cops and used their influence to get me pinched. Two policemen came up to the hall and told two fellow workers to drop the union and not keep the union going any longer. Working men, get wise and join the union of your class, the I.W.W, Yours for the I.W.W., WALTER T. NEF.

SPOKANE NEWS; POLICE “STOOLS” CAUSE TROUBLE Last Friday night, while Franklin Jordan, local organizer for the Spokane locals, was addressing the usual audience at the street meeting, a band of gum-shoe artiste and their stools attempted to break up the meeting by causing disturbances of various kinds, evidently in the hope of causing a riot and throwing the blame on the I.W.W. One of the “fly” brigade is personally known to Jordan, and remarked to him just before the meeting that “we will catch you napping yet.” Two more of these vermin were known to other members of the I.W.W. The meeting was held in front of the “Workingman’s Home” (what is home without the price, 15c?) which is a louse-infected joint owned, by a party by the benevolent name of Lufkin, and this same Lufkin did his best to second’ the actions of the human snakes. It is a known fact that no worker will stay at this joint if he has been there before, and this fact may have soured the amiable disposition of its nickel-chasing proprietor, especially as the I.W.W. is doing all in its power to do away with such scabbreeding and recruiting pest holes. Jordan handled the meddlers pretty roughly, and had the sympathy of the crowd. The following evening the same gang made the same attempt, but were evidently discouraged by their lack of success, for there has been no trouble since. The employment sharks and proprietors of the pig stys that filch the nickels of the down-and-out workers have no love for the I.W.W. and have yet to learn that the organization is not to be put. out of the way by gum shoes and stools.

John Pancner mugshot.

ANOTHER CAMP DELEGATE. Fellow Worker: Myself and Fellow Workers W. M. Jones and James Carmack have just finished a trip of about 200 miles across country. We walked most of the journey. The A.F. of L. Woodmen’s and Sawmill Workers’ Union has gone on the bum. There is plenty of work in the woods here, but we are trying to get a job in town so that we can hold a few street meetings to start with. The I.W.W. had a strong local here about three years ago. We are going to try and start up another local. Any active members looking for work can get work in the woods and sawmills here, and help build up a Lumber Workers local. It will be another step toward the National Industrial Union of Lumber Workers. Any reader of the Worker please drop me a line if you are working in Humboldt County. Yours for a powerful I.W.W., JOHN PANCNER, Eureka, Cal.

San Diego, Cal., Aug. 15—The strike of the Mexicans employed as common laborers at the San Diego Consolidated Gas & Electric Company here has assumed larger proportions than was at first expected. Five Greeks and a couple of Italians and Americans who at first refused to strike quit work today. After these men quit there was no work going on (that is, on the excavating job which was affected by the strike) until several Americans were sent to work by the employment sharks, as SCABS. Just think of it, our BRAVE and FREE American working men SCABBING on the poor Mexicans. It didn’t last long, though, for at noon these Americans were persuaded to quit by the I.W.W. pickets. After these men quit the strike committee Interviewed the superintendent, without any results. They then went to the A.F. of L. headquarters. After the I.W.W. men told their story they were told that THE I.W.W. COULD GO TO HELL, BUT WE STAND FOR THE PRINCIPLE OF UNITY AND WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO. It may be that the A.F. of L will take action is this matter. The men returned to the I.W.W. headquarters tonight well satisfied with the results of the day, and after holding m meeting decided to continue to picket for a few days yet and in the meantime to ORGANIZE AND AGITATE AMONG THE MEXICANS ALL OVER THE CITY. We have held several Mexican meetings and the speakers are doing all in their power to explain Industrial Unionism; Will let you know more tomorrow. Yours for Industrial Unionism, STRIKE COMMITTEE. Local Union No. 13, I.W.W.

SAN DIEGO NOTES. Italian, Mexican, Jap or Greek I W.W. speakers welcome at San Diego. A tip for the general headquarters: Why not put on a Jap circuit organizer in California? Local San Diego is a new union, but we’re revolutionary. Any I.W.W. men who are workers will be welcomed “to our fair city,” but if you are a bench warmer and want to sit around headquarters all day, stay away, we don’t need you. Members of this union (LU. No. 13) want to hear oftener from the general organizer, Trautmann. We want organizers. We want advice on how to Organize. There is a strike on in San Diego. The Mexicans are striking against American tyranny, as they! did against Mexican tyranny in that, oppressed country—Mexico. San Diego is not asking for funds from other, locals just because we have a strike on, but if anyone wants to send us some literature we welcome it.

GOOD WORK. Franklin Jordan and James L. Corbin went to Coeur d’AIene Monday night and spoke to a crowd that was a block in width. The police force stood at attention and seemed much interested, as did the crowd in general. Much is to be hoped for by the workers of Coeur d’AIene if they organise,, as they have a good opportunity to command the situation. The city is putting in a great paving system and has a long term of construction in view. Fellow Worker Corbin is going on the road soon for the union and the WORKER. He will carry credentials from both and will operate between Spokane, Coeur d’AIene and the east. Give him a boost.

Fellow Worker: “Mac,” who had a write-up in the Industrial ‘Worker August 13, on Local Union of California. He says that the members are dead, or words to that effect; that local 66 has 50 members only. Guess again, Mac. But that is not my kick. What I want to know is, Why didn’t Mac stop with us at Fresno and help us to organize the slaves? Most every issue of the Worker has had requests for I.W.W. members to come in and help ns. This local is new and has a hard time to keep on top, but a few of the boys have kept digging in and are surely going to win in the end. Yours for Action, Porter House Steak and no more Hand-outs. F.H. LITTLE, Local 66, I.W.W. Fresno, Cal., Aug. 16, 1910.

After leaving the hall in Spokane I arrived at Rosalia, Wash., on the 8th and began to give out literature, also stuck up stickers, while John Law was following me up. At last he nabbed me. “I will let you go this time, but don’t you nor any other I.W.W. man come in this town trying to get the wages raised or we will raise yours on a rock pile.” He took me to the corner and said, “This is the way to the north pole!” I went out of town, but came back again, and what I did was plenty. I stuck stickers all over the town, gave out literature, then hiked. Harvest will soon be over in this part of the country. Threshing is a ‘dog’s life in this part. Yours for the I.W.W., pinch or np pinch. I.D. ELLIS, No. 233.

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