The Evolutionist. Vol. 1 No. 4. October, 1909.

The Evolutionist. Vol. 1 No. 4. October, 1909.

Contents: The Evolutionists Library Club: Thomas Huxley, Lewis-Barnard Debate: Is Scientific Socialism Scientific?, The Bloodiest Crime of Modern Times: Francisco Ferrer Martyr for the Truth, Great Thoughts of a Great Thinker: Lester Ward on Socialization, The Garrick Program, Kautsky’s ‘Road to Power,’ The Mills of Mammon, Roll of Honor of Working Class Educationists, The Lewis-White Debate ‘Will Socialism Meet with Triumph or Disaster?’ A Grand Success, Will This Help You?

The Evolutionist was a vehicle for Marxist lecturer on natural and social sciences Arthur M. Lewis. It ran for only nine issues between 1909-10 and hosted Lewis’ debates from his ‘Workers’ University’ as well as book reviews, articles on science, and news from the Garrick Theater and Workers University. Self-taught iron molder Arthur Morrow Lewis ecame one of the foremost popularizers of evolution, socialism, and science during his too short life. One of his most popular works, ‘Evolution Social and Organic’ went through ten editions in six years. Morrow led the Workers University in Chicago and regularly taught classes, mostly on natural science and its relationship to materialism, at the Garrick Theater. Morrow is emblematic of the ‘positivist’ scientific and socialist thinking of the time. His partner was the first woman elected to the Socialist Party’s National Executive, Lena Morrow Lewis.

PDF of full volume:

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