One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 1 No. 6. August, 1919.

One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 1 No. 6. August, 1919.

Contents: Editorials: Documents that Speak for Themselves, Fellow Workers Take Notice, Our Prisoners, The Campaign of the Agricultural Workers, Industrial Communism and Industrial Democracy, The League of Nations, Gompers Beer-Enthusiasm Bye, Revolutions in the Past and in the Present by John Sandgren, The Humorous American Intelligensia by Justus Ebert, A Letter to the Professor by Abner Woodruff, Life in Leavenworth Federal Prison by John Pancner, The Syndicalist Movement in France by George Andreytchine, Justice for the Negro by Frederick A. Blossom, Craft Unionism Must Go by Frederick A. Blossom, The Telephone Strike by Walter C. Hunter, The Life of a Lumberman by George Ward, The Story of the I. W. W. Chapter Six by Harold Lord Varney, Industrial Unionism the Strongest Form of Organization by F. A. Blossom, Exit the Foreigner by No. 247,770, Mr. Theodore Blump Secret Service by Walter C. Hunter, Printing and Publishing, Workers Organize in the I. W. W., Love for the Ideal of the Revolutionary World Proletariat by Manuel Rey, Thoughts of a Dead-Living Soul by Manuel Rey, The Ideal by Harold Roland Johnson, Extracts from Minutes of I. W. W. Conference, Seattle I. W. W. Marine Transport Workers Invited to Join International Workers Fed, Auditor’s Reports, Industrial Workers of the World General Office, Report New Publications.

One Big Union Monthly was a magazine published in Chicago by the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World from 1919 until 1938, with a break from February, 1921 until September, 1926 when Industrial Pioneer was produced.

Link to PDF of full issue:

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