New Theatre. Vol. 2 No. 10. October, 1935.

New Theatre. Vol. 2 No. 10. October, 1935.

Contents: Editorials, Children’s Theater on Tour by Ben Golden, New Musical Review for Old by Jerome Moross, ‘Let Freedom Ring’ by Albert Bein, The Art of Makeup by Tamara Daykarhanova, Building a mobile Stage by Edward Edman, Shifting Scenes, A Letter on ‘Peasants’ by GW Pabst, Hollywood’s Riff Raff by Joel Faith and Louis Norden, Music in Film by George Antheil, Films of the month by Robert Stebbins, Music for the Dance by Elie Siegmeister, Burlesque Strike by Del, I Dance for Moscow by Dhima.

The New Theater
continued Workers Theater. Workers Theater began in New York City in 1931 as the publication of The Workers Laboratory Theater collective, an agitprop group associated with Workers International Relief, becoming the League of Workers Theaters, section of the International Union of Revolutionary Theater of the Comintern. The rough production values of the first years were replaced by a color magazine as it became primarily associated with the New Theater. It contains a wealth of left cultural history and ideas. Published roughly monthly were Workers Theater from April 1931-July/Aug 1933, New Theater from Sept/Oct 1933-November 1937, New Theater and Film from April and March of 1937, (only two issues).

PDF of full issue:

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