International Press Correspondence. Vol. 7 No. 72. December 22, 1927.

An important issue of Inprecorr, with a focus on the suppression of the Canton Soviet and the XV Party Congress of the C.P.S.U. Don’t miss M.N. Roy’s ‘Imperialism and Counter-Revolution in China.’ Stalin’s speech to the XV Congress linked to online text below.

International Press Correspondence. Vol. 7 No. 72. December 22, 1927.

Contents: Soviet Canton and Its Defeat by Tang Shin She, Imperialism and the Counter-Revolution in China by M.N. Roy (Moscow), E.C.C.I. Appeal Over Events in Canton, Growing Revolutionary Militancy Among the Colonial People by Willi Munzenberg, The Brussels Congress of the League Against Imperialism, The German Steel Industry by August Enderle (Berlin), Toward a Latin American Trade Union Secretariat R.I.L.U., The English Press and the Children;s Delegation to the Soviet Union, Political Report of Comrade Stalin to the XV Party Congress (Concluded), Organizational Report to the XV Congress by Comrade Kossior, Resolution Supporting CC Report to the XV Congress, Discussion Before the Party Congress.

International Press Correspondence, widely known as”Inprecorr” was published by the Executive Committee of the Communist International (ECCI) regularly in German and English, occasionally in many other languages, beginning in 1921 and lasting in English until 1938. Inprecorr’s role was to supply translated articles to the English-speaking press of the International from the Comintern’s different sections, as well as news and statements from the ECCI. Many ‘Daily Worker’ and ‘Communist’ articles originated in Inprecorr, and it also published articles by American comrades for use in other countries. It was published at least weekly, and often thrice weekly.

PDF of full issue:

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