The Progressive Dentist. Published by the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, New York. Vol. 3 No. 2. February, 1914.

The Progressive Dentist. Vol. 3 No. 2. February, 1914. Published by the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, New York.

Contents: Awakening by Dr. L. Levitt, Relative Merita of Filling Materials by E. T. Darby. MDDS, Removal of Impacted and Uninterrupted Teeth – Selling Gold Bricks to Dentists by Dr. Maxwell Lanes, Discussion by Drs. Hasbrouck and Green Lederer, The Social Democracy and Germany by Karl Kautsky, Editorial Department by Dr. L. Levitt, Orthodontia – A Failure (continued) by M. J. Enfelin. D. D. S., The Calf Path by Sam Wolter Foss, Must Not Sell Cocaine to Dentists, Kings County Dental Society, Dental Society News.

The Progressive Dentists was published between 1912-1915 and was a project of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The Socialist Review was the organ of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, and replaced The Intercollegiate Socialist magazine in 1919. The society, founded in 1905, was non-aligned but in the orbit of the Socialist Party and had an office for several years at the Rand School. It published the Intercollegiate Socialist monthly and The Socialist Review from 1919. Both journals are largely theoretically, but cover a range of topics wider than most of the party press of the time. At first dedicated to promoting socialism on campus, graduates, and among college alumni, the Society grew into the League for Industrial Democracy as it moved towards workers education. The Socialist Review became Labor Age in 1921.

PDF of full issue:

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