The Comrade. Vol. 3 No 8. May, 1904.

The Comrade. Vol. 3 No 8. May, 1904.

Contents: Socialist Journalism and Journalists of the Ghetto by William Edlitt, Woman and Her Masters by Peter E. Burrowes, Wrongs and Remedies by Ernest Crosby, Some Reflections Upon Mr. Crosby’s Critique of Socialism by John Spargo, The Strange Case of Jonathan Pinchbeck by Thomas Holmes, Freedom Comes! by Lucien V Rule, An Incident by M. E. Oswald, The Poet’s Philippic by H. Ivan Swift, Appreciation of ‘The Comrade’.

The Comrade began in 1901 with the launch of the Socialist Party, and was published monthly until 1905 in New York City and edited by John Spargo, Otto Wegener, and Algernon Lee amongst others. Along with Socialist politics, it featured radical art and literature. The Comrade was known for publishing Utopian Socialist literature and included a serialization of ‘News from Nowhere’ by William Morris along work from with Heinrich Heine, Thomas Nast, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edward Markham, Jack London, Maxim Gorky, Clarence Darrow, Upton Sinclair, Eugene Debs, and Mother Jones. It would be absorbed into the International Socialist Review in 1905.

PDF of full issue:

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