Labor Unity. (Trade Union Educational League) Volume 2, No. 9. October, 1928.

Of note in this issue is the report on the founding of the National Miners Union, the C.P.s attempt to compete with the John L. Lewis led UMWA.

Labor Unity. (Trade Union Educational League) Volume 2, No. 9. October, 1928.

Contents: New Tasks of the T U.E.L. by Wm. Z. Foster, Launching the National Miners Union by John J. Watt, No Sellout No Compromise [New Bedford] by Amy Schecther, The Textile Workers Organize Their Union by Sam Wiseman,The Mineola Ca Again by M. Maklein, What About the Millinery by Eva Shafran, What The Canton Steel Strike Means by I. Amter, Conference of the British Minority Movement by Wm. Z. Foster, Pan-Pacific Conference, The Red International Program, Class Struggle in Sunny Australia by Essess, The Plumbers Convention by H.A. Alexander, A Brief Review of Events, International News.

In 1924 Labor Herald was folded into Workers Monthly, an explicitly Party organ and in 1927 ‘Labor Unity’ became the organ of a now CP dominated TUEL. In 1929 and the turn towards Red Unions in the Third Period, TUEL was wound up and replaced by the Trade Union Unity League, a section of the Red International of Labor Unions (Profitern) and continued to publish Labor Unity until 1935. Labor Herald remains an important labor-orientated journal by revolutionaries in US left history and would be referenced by activists, along with TUEL, along after its heyday.

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