One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 1 No. 5. July, 1919.

One Big Union Monthly. Vol. 1 No. 5. July, 1919.

Contents: Editorials, The Peace Treaty and the Working Class, I.W.W. Prisoners, Bomb Plots, Emigration, Legal Persecution Starts In the West, Fooling the Public, The Mooney General Strike and the I.W.W., Fiendish Persecution In Kansas, The Caged Sea-Lion by Roberta Bruner, The General Strike In Canada, The “Left-Wingers” and the I.W.W., The A.F. of L. Convention, Gompers and Prohibition, The 11th Annual Convention by Roberta Bruner, Historical Sketches of the Revolutionary Labor Movement in Italy by A. Faggi, Provisions About Labor In the Peace Treaty, Justice Through the Courts or Through Direct Action? by W.I. Fisher, Printers and Such by Donald M. Crocker, The Story of the I.W.W. by Harold Lord Varney, Ethics of the Producers In An Industrial Democracy (from the French of Georges Sorel by Abner E. Woodruff), Be Prepared by W.E. HL, A New History of the I.W.W. by Irving Freeman, Upton Sinclair and the Clergy, Roberta Bruner’s Organization Tour, Concerning Education by John Gabriel Sortis, Report of the Auditing Committee, Local Reports.

One Big Union Monthly was a magazine published in Chicago by the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World from 1919 until 1938, with a break from February, 1921 until September, 1926 when Industrial Pioneer was produced. OBU was a large format, magazine publication with heavy use of images, cartoons and photos. OBU carried news, analysis, poetry, and art as well as I.W.W. local and national reports.

Link to PDF of full issue:

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