Internal Bulletin. Socialist Workers Party. Vol. 1 No. 7. August, 1938.

This issue almost entirely given over to discussion of a Labor Party, including a discussion between Trotsky and James P. Cannon, Vincent R. Dunne and Max Shachtman in Mexico (text linked here). With contributions from Hal Draper, Albert Goldman, James Burnham, Jack Weber, and others.

Internal Bulletin. Socialist Workers Party. Vol. 1 No. 7. August, 1938.

Contents: Conversations With Crux (Trotsky) On The Labor Party, Labor Party Progressive? Reactionary? by Hal Draper, Is The Labor Party Movement Progressive? by Albert Goldman, Which Way by David Cowles, Two Widespread Misconceptions On The Labor Party by Jack Cope, Draft Resolution On The Labor Party by the Louisville Branch, For Independent Labor Political Action by Dan Leeds Chicago, Amendments To Transitional Demands by Kathleen and Arthur Burch, Resolution On The Drat Thesis Pages by F.K. Ferry and Roger Cross South Side Br., Chicago, On The Slogan For “A Workers Government” by James Burnham, Conversations With Crux (Trotsky) On The Slogan For “Workers And Farmers Government”, For “Workers And Farmers Government” by Jack Weber, Supplementary Statement On The Labor Party by Glen Trimble, Article On The Labor Party by L. Kogan.

The U.S. Trotskyist movement began official, semi-regular internal bulletins to host political debate and discussion as the Communist League of America in 1930. In 1931, an International Bulletin was also produced running through 1934 to separate out the international debates. After the formation of Workers Party of the United States bulletins continued. With the entry of the Workers Party into the Socialist Party in the ‘French Turn’ internal bulletins were discontinued. In a reflection of the different size and resources of the CP, the CLA-WP-SWP bulletins were largely mimeographed rather than printed. A new set of Bulletins for internal discussion of the newly formed SWP in January of 1938 were produced, as well as another International Bulletin for discussion of the founding of the Fourth International. As a whole, these bulletins, unlike the internal bulletin of the CP, focus on long-form debate and internal discussion of Party resolutions and policy with the movement’s top leaders and thinkers contributing. Often, before congresses or plenums, special bulletins would be printed to host the relevant debate. The International Bulletins contain many of Trotsky’s and other international voices’ first English-language translations. Often those voice used pseudonyms, Crux is Trotsky. An invaluable resource for students of US Communism, Trotskyism, and the larger US workers’ movement.

PDF of full bulletin:

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