Workers Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 5. March, 1926.

Workers Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 5. March, 1926.

Contents: Marx Engels and Lenin on the Paris Commune by Alexander Trachtenberg, Imperialism and the American Working Class by Jay Lovestone, The ILD and Its Mission by TJ O’Flaherty , Lenin -The Mountain Eagle by I. Stalin, The Raisins in the Filipino Cake by Harry Gannes,The Big Stick in Latin America-ts Size and Cost by Sam Darcy, The Agricultural Situation by Alfred Knutson, The Democratic Party” [part 2] by HM Wicks, Economics of Class Collaboration by Bertram D. Wolfe, The History of the Russian Communist Party” [part 15] by Gregory Zinoviev.

Workers Monthly began publishing in 1924 as a merger of the ‘Liberator’, the Trade Union Educational League magazine ‘Labor Herald’, and Friends of Soviet Russia’s monthly ‘Soviet Russia Pictorial’ as an explicitly Party publication. In 1927 Workers Monthly ceased and the Communist Party began publishing The Communist as its theoretical magazine. Editors included Earl Browder and Max Bedacht as the magazine continued the Liberator’s use of graphics and art.

PDF of full issue:

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