New Review. Vol 3. No. 5. May 1, 1915.

New Review. Vol 3. No. 5. May 1, 1915.

Contents: New Propaganda of Race Hatred [Birth of a Nation] by Paul Kennaday, CURRENT AFFAIRS by Louis Boudin -Peace at What Price? – The Exportation of Arms – A Noteworthy Debate – The Strike in Porto Rico, The Future of Belgium by Hubert Langerock, Sex and the Elders by Elsie Clews Parsons, Socialism and Psychology by Louis C. Fraina, The Hillquit-Gardner Debate by Isaac Hourwich, Change in American Life and Fiction by Floyd Dell, Review of Progressive Democracy by Herbery Croly by William English Walling, SOCIALIST DIGEST: The Conference of the Allied Socialists, A Widening Split in Germany, The Division of the German Party on the Third War Loan, The Old International and the New, A Japanese Monroe Doctrine, Premature Peace, Spanish Opinion on the War, CORRESPONDENCE: Confusion between Political and Emotional Internationalism by E. Belfort Bax (Paris, France), Germany and Ireland by Herbert W. Isay (New York City).

The New Review: A Critical Survey of International Socialism was a New York-based, explicitly Marxist, sometimes weekly/sometimes monthly theoretical journal begun in 1913 and was an important vehicle for left discussion in the period before World War One. Bases in New York it declared in its aim the first issue: “The intellectual achievements of Marx and his successors have become the guiding star of the awakened, self-conscious proletariat on the toilsome road that leads to its emancipation. And it will be one of the principal tasks of The NEW REVIEW to make known these achievements,to the Socialists of America, so that we may attain to that fundamental unity of thought without which unity of action is impossible.” In the world of the East Coast Socialist Party, it included Max Eastman, Floyd Dell, Herman Simpson, Louis Boudin, William English Walling, Moses Oppenheimer, Robert Rives La Monte, Walter Lippmann, William Bohn, Frank Bohn, John Spargo, Austin Lewis, WEB DuBois, Arturo Giovannitti, Harry W. Laidler, Austin Lewis, and Isaac Hourwich as editors. Louis Fraina played an increasing role from 1914 and lead the journal in a leftward direction as New Review addressed many of the leading international questions facing Marxists. International writers in New Review included Rosa Luxemburg, James Connolly, Karl Kautsky, Anton Pannekoek, Lajpat Rai, Alexandra Kollontai, Tom Quelch, S.J. Rutgers, Edward Bernstein, and H.M. Hyndman, The journal folded in June, 1916 for financial reasons. Its issues are a formidable and invaluable archive of Marxist and Socialist discussion of the time.

PDF of full issue:

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