The FIGHT Against War and Fascism. Vol. 4 No. 8. June, 1937.

The FIGHT Against War and Fascism. Vol. 4 No. 8. June, 1937.

Contents: Steel by Bishop Francis J. McConnell, Textile and Civil Liberties by Francis J. Gorman, German Universities by William E. Dodd, Jr., “Leave Him Up a Minute, Here Comes a LaFollette Man!” by Jacob Burck, Calling All Workers by Meroyn Rathborne, The Green Years by Robert Gessner, Labor Goes to Court by Charles Recht, We Make Shoes for Spain by Joseph Scarpa, Uncle Sam’s Workers by John Wilson, DEPARTMENTS: Radio, As to Women, Movies, Building the League, Books, Youth Notes, Wall Street, Editorials.

FIGHT Against War and Fascism was the monthly newspaper of the broad-based, but Communist-inspired, American League Against War and Fascism formed in 1933 as Nazism came to power in Germany. The paper and the League attracted fairly wide support and hosted many events in the 1930s. In 1937, reflecting the Popular Front turn, the name of the group was changed to the American League for Peace and Democracy and the journal to The Fight for Peace and Democracy. Both the paper and the organization closed in the wake of 1939’s Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

PDF of full issue:

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