Facklan (Chicago). No. 717. December 22, 1921.

Facklan (Chicago). No. 717. December 22, 1921.

Facklan (The Torch) emerged from Svenska Socialisten (The Swedish Socialist). Svenska Socialisten was founded in 1905 in Rockport, Illinois as the paper of local Swedish Socialist Clubs. In 1911, the paper moved to Chicago and became the national organ of the Socialist Party’s Scandinavian Socialist Federation. Edited for much of those years by Henry Bengston at 911 Belmont Avenue, Chicago. Faction fights and Palmer raids ended Svenska Socialisten by 1920, but was reborn as the pro-Communist Facklan (The Torch) in 1921 after the majority of the Left Wing SSF were expelled from the SP. After the SSF merged with the Workers (Communist) Party the paper was renamed Ny Tid (New Era) in 1922 with offices at 3204 North Clark Street as the organ of the CP’s Scandinavian Federations moving to New York City in 1931. There, along with Swedish, the paper published sections in Norwegian, Danish, and English. Ny Tid ended its run in 1936.

Access to full issue: https://www.mnhs.org/newspapers/lccn/sn81014261/1921-12-22/ed-1/seq-1

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