Cronaca Sovversiva (Barre, Vermont). Vol. 5. No. 40. October 5, 1907.

Cronaca Sovversiva (Barre, Vermont). Vol. 5. No. 40. October 5, 1907.

Cronaca Sovversiva (Subversive Chronicle) was an Italian-language paper edited by Luigi Galleani from 1903 to 1920, and one of the United State’s most important anarchist publications of its, or any, time. It was based among the radical Italian quarriers of Barre, Vermont. Luigi Galleani had been jailed for his revolutionary politics in Italy. Having escaped, he made his way to Paterson, New Jersey, a city Cronaca Sovversiva would have a long relationship with, by 1901. Shot during a riot and indicted in the 1902 Paterson silk strike he escaped, again, to Canada before changing his name and landing in Barre. Shortly after he began publishing from Vermont, but the paper was widely read in Italy, where it would be banned in 1915, and Italian-speaking radical America. Early associated with the ‘propaganda of the deed’ wing of anarchism, Galleani published bomb-making advice along with its labor coverage. Described by a federal agent as “the most rabid, seditious and anarchistic sheet ever published in this country,” the paper moved headquarters to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1912. There it would under constant watch and increasing raids by the authorities until the Postal Department rescinded its mailing privileges in 1917. Unlike many radical publications under such orders, Cronaca Sovversiva would continue, distributed by its own network moving production first to Washington DC in 1919 and then with Galleani’s deportation, to Turin, Italy in 1920. There the paper issued its last number. Imprisoned by the fascist authorities, then sent to internal exile on the Island of Lipari, Galleani died under house arrest in 1931 at age 70.

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