The Progressive Journal of Education. Vol. 2 No. 6. April 15, 1910.

The Progressive Journal of Education. Vol. 2 No. 6. April 15, 1910.

Contents: School Organization Its Influence for Democracy by A. Woodbridge Uhl,The Modern School by Francisco Ferrer, The Plow and the Pen by Edwin W. Wheat, An Economic Interpretation of American History by A.M. Simons, An Epoch Making Movement, Cooley to the Front Again, More Than Praise Is Needed, Teachers as Citizens by E. Taylor Cherdron, Social Conditions and Theories in the Græco-Roman World by W.A. Oldfather, A Misfit Constitution by George R. Davies.

The Progressive Journal of Education was a project of the Socialist Party, particularly A.M. Simons and May Wood-Simons, but included intellectuals like John Dewey outside of socialism. Published monthly in Chicago for only two years between 1908 and 1910 and edited by Peyton Boswell, the Journal not only covered left and ‘progressive’ ideas on education, like the Ferrer Schools, but was also a forum on how to teachers might teach Marxism to young people. For that end, the Journal published essays on US history, economy, and the class struggle, as well as on issues of public education. Many of the articles in the Journal, one of the few Marxist-edited popular education periodicals in US history, remain of interest to educators and scholars of education.

PDF of full issue:

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